Delivered to your home in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and many additional Alberta communities



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Everything comes cut, vacuum sealed, and delivered to your door in the Calgary area. All pork is processed and inspected at an Alberta Licensed Facility.

    Full Pig - $850Half Pig - $475Large Variety Pack - $320Medium Variety Pack - $240Small Variety Pack - $140Jerky - $25Pork Bites - $20Hot & Dry Pepperoni - $20Honey Pepperoni - $8Beer Sticks - $8CJ Primo Pork BBQ Sauce - $8CJ Max Mustard BBQ Glaze - $8CJ Rib Rub Seasoning - $8Farmer Sausage - $10Mennonite Sausage - $11Breakfast Sausage - $9Salt & Pepper Sausage - $9Deli Sliced Ham (200g) - $8Back Bacon - $8Smokies - $10Pizza Pepperoni - $8Wild Boar Garlic Sausage - $13Pork Chops (6oz each) 2 Pack - $9Shoulder Roast (approx 4.5 pounds) - $35Side Ribs (Spare Ribs) - $20Cured Hams (approx 3.5 pounds) - $35Bacon - $11Ground Pork - $7.50Other (Please enter the detail in the Other Information textarea)

    Order process:

    Please complete the form to select your order, including selecting the checkboxes of the items you want. Once we receive the order, we’ll give you a call to finalize the order and confirm delivery details. Thanks for choosing CJ Pork!

    *Note – Half and Full pig packages are going to offer variance, please allow for some flexibility from the above expected quantities.